Cheerleading Chants

E-nun-c-iate each Sy-lla-ble 

When reciting cheerleading chants, the most important thing to keep in mind is careful enunciation of the words. Cheerleading chants come off sounding mumbled and sloppy without this attention to clarity and diction.  Keep in mind that for cheerleaders the voice is used a metaphor for physical strength.  While energy and vitality are important aspects of the chant, pronunciation is crucial so that the audience can actually understand what the cheerleaders are saying, since audience members become far more engaged when the words are belted out loud and clear.  

Call and Response 

Many cheerleading chants are performed in the call and response format, where the leader of the cheer calls out the first line and the members of the squad respond back in unison.  This simple chant called “Everywhere we go” is a great little ditty for pumping up fans and can be easily adapted for audience participation on either the response lines or by yelling the team name at the end. 

Leader: Everywhere we go

Everyone: Everywhere we goCheerleading Chants

L: People wanna know

E: People wanna know

L: Who we are

E: Who we are

L: And where we come from

E: And where we come from

L: So we tell them

E: So we tell them

L: We are the (insert team name)

E: The mighty mighty (team name)

Some cheerleading chants are designed to be performed by two or more members of the squad with everyone else as back up, such as the Victory chant.  The suggested actions for this cheer are included in brackets after each line.

1- Hey (insert cheerleader 2 name)  (hands in front of mouth suggesting amplified voice)

2- Hey what?  (hand to ear to mime listening)

1- Hey (name)

2- Hey what, hey what?

1- How do you spell your victory?  (palms up, arms out to suggest asking a question)

2- I split my V (hands above head in V-shape)

     I dot my I (curl one hand around fist above head in dot shape)

     I curl my C-T-O-R-Y  (hands cut in curling motion to hips, one on C, other on O)

All- She splits her V

        She dots her I

        She curls her C-T-O-R-Y!!!

All Together Now 

Here’s another great cheerleading chant that incorporates actions.  Remember, when coming up with new cheerleading chants to use these as a guideline and adapt them to suit your team’s needs and rhythms.  If something’s not working for your squad, don’t feel like you have to force it.  Instead, try changing the actions or words to breathe new life into old chants.  

This classic chant is called “Brrr, it’s Cold in Here”.  Suggested actions are given in parenthesis following each lines but feel free to come up with your own actions. 

All:  I said brrrr (clap clap)

It’s cold in here (cross arms in front clutching hands to upper arms in a shivering motion)

There must be some (insert team name) in the atmosphere (point upwards towards sky)

I said bang (stomp stomp)

Choo choo train (use right arm to pull at imaginary whistle two times)

C’mon girls, let’s do our thang (swirl arm around head)

We’re gonna rock our bodies (hand on hips, swing hips in circle)

And win the game so you better back it up (everyone jumps one step back)

Back it up (jump another step back)

Back it up (jump another step back)

And bump it to the right (everyone bumps right)

Uh-huh, GO TEAM!! 


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