High School Cheerleading

So You Wanna Be a Cheerleader…

So you’ve decided to try out for your high school cheerleading squad.  Congratulations, you’re well on your way to becoming a cheerleader!  Before deciding to try out though, there are a few important things to consider.  First of all, are you willing to dedicate yourself 100 percent to being a cheerleading?  Cheerleading is more than just short skirts and clapping—it requires an intense physical commitment, a lot of time, hard work and pressure.  If your answer is yes, it’s time to start preparing to be a cheerleader. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Before the tryouts, talk to the coach of your high school cheerleading squad to find out what the exact required skills are so you know what to prepare.  You’ll need to be in peak physical shape to execute jumps, splits, tumbles and stunts so work on building your stamina and flexibility.  If possible, enroll in a gymnastics or dance class to build your tumbling skills and poise respectively.    

Once you’ve started your flexibility and strength training you can begin your cheerleading practice.  At first, practice in front of a mirror or set up a video camera to tape your practices.  This way you’ll be able to analyze yourself in order to build perfect techniques.  Once you’re a little more comfortable with your moves, invite others to watch you practice and help critique your trouble spots. 

When practicing, don’t forget to practice facial expressions along with cheers and jumps.  Before executing any moves, mentally visualize executing each move perfectly for an added boost of confidence.    High School Cheerleading

The Big Day

Once tryout day for the high school cheerleading squad rolls around, you should be adequately prepared.  Get lots of sleep the night before so you can show up looking rested and confident.  On the day of tryouts don’t forget to wear your school color to demonstrate team spirit.  

At the tryout, don’t wear any jewelry or chew gum as these may distract from your performance.  Don’t wear too much makeup either and if you have long hair keep put it up to keep it out of your face.  Bring a positive attitude to tryouts by helping others whenever possible and not goofing off with your friends.    

Just before you take the stage, take five slow, deep breaths to calm yourself.  Stay relaxed, and if you make a mistake don’t dwell on it.  Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to recover from mistakes without overstressing.  

When trying out, make eye contact with the judges to demonstrate confidence and use appropriate facial expressions when necessary.  Be as energetic and peppy as you can be in both your vocal delivery and motions.  Instead of delivering cheers in a sing-song voice, speak loudly and clearly, enunciating each syllable.  Take your time and don’t rush through your cheers.  When performing jumps, point your toes and try to land with your feet together.  Make all other motions sharp, snappy and full of vigor.    

And last but not least, don’t forget to smile!  Cheerleading is first and foremost about having fun and a smile is the best indicator of this. 

Cheerleading Routine for All-Girls Cheer Team


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